Tax exemption has been increased upto 7 lakhs in the general budget 2023-24

In a country where 80 crore people out of 135 crore are surviving on 5 kg of food grains given free of cost by the government, for the last 3 years the annual income of up to 7 lahks has become tax-free.

Clap and cheer on the achievement of the government in 9 years, for such a budget introduced by the government, a budget before the next general elections.

You also have the option of paying tax from the earlier tax system as well and you will not have to pay tax on income up to about nine and a half lakhs taking all the concessions, this can be explained better to you by your chartered accountant.

Those who get 5 kg of free ration must rejoice for this good budget of the government, as the annual income of up to 7 lakhs has become tax-free.

Many people must have started dreaming that they will not have to pay taxes till they earn 58 thousand rupees per month, and imagining this, get in line for 5 kg free food grains and hail the government.

– Ranjan Kumar

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